What does membership include?

Courses, community, discussion forum, weekly mastermind coaching sessions and biweekly events with guest experts.

All community members gain access to courses, community discussion forum, 4x monthly mastermind coaching sessions and 2x monthly special live events. For those who want to work more closely with our experts on their scaling challenges, we offer private executive coaching tailored to your specific Blitzscaling needs.

How do we differ from other scale-up memberships?

We work directly with the authors of the book to develop content and tools to teach you the techniques of Blitzscaling and help you adapt them to your business and unique challenges.

We employ the Blitzscaling framework to help you identify the highest-impact opportunities to scale. Through our courses, community and executive coaching we help you customize the framework to fit your unique scaling challenges and opportunities.

How do we work with members to apply the Blitzscaling framework?

1) You complete the prescribed courses and study guides, show up to live Mastermind coaching sessions and participate in community conversations; 2) You evaluate your company's current scalability using the Blitzscaling toolkit to identify the areas of greatest opporunity to increase your scaling; 3) You work with your team to develop strategies in the areas of opportunity identified and we watch over your shoulders as you iterate to steer you in the right direction toward reaching the next stage of scaling. 4) You attend Mastermind sessions and participate in community dialog to get unlimited answers and feedback. 5) When you book 1:1 coaching sessions, we review your plan in more detail and guide you to force rank and prioritize your scaling options and work with you to develop implementation plans to hold you accountable.

How is Blitzscaling Academy different than an accelerator?

There is no start or end date. All members work at their own pace and follow same iterative process. You can get extra 1:1 private coaching help when you need it.

How do the Mastermind coaching sessions work?

We run sessions 4x per month. Show up and ask your blitzscaling related questions and get feedback from our team, experts and fellow members. All sessions are recorded for subsequent viewing in case you miss one.

Should I join as an individual or team?

Your membership includes a space for up to 2 team members. If you want to bring a larger team, contact us and we will work with you to find the best solution. Everyone who participates will interact with our team and network of experts and develop powerful peer-to-peer relationships with other scaling leaders facing similar challenges.  

How do you work with corporate entrepreneurs?

The same way we work with all startup founders. Members of your team join the community and bring their scaling challenges. Whether you're trying to build a deeper moat by extending your current offerings, staring down a disruptive competitor, or seeking to build and scale a blitzscalable business yourself, we can help you design and execute a path to scale. We also offer private and confidential virtual spaces where your team can collaborate with one another and any other members may wish to invite to your conversation.

How do you work with investors and accelerators?

We work as a trusted extension of your team to add value to your portfolio companies by providing them focused scaling support. We can also offer blitzscaling modules designed to fit into your existing accelerator program, or work with you to develop a customized program for your teams that we manage together and host inside a private space in the Blitzscaling Academy platform.

Does Blitzscaling Academy invest in its members' companies?

Not yet, but putting in place the ability to do so is part of our long-term vision.

When we understand and can endorse a member company's growth and scaling strategy and believe raising capital should be part of that, we can make useful introductions to capital providers on a case-by-case basis at our discretion.

We also have a close relationship with Blitzscaling Ventures, where Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott are both Founding Partners. BV invests in the series B/C rounds of the fastest-scaling companies. If we agree you are one of them, you can be sure we will take a look!

How do you support diversity and inclusion?

Co-founders Chris Yeh and Jeff Abbott both have a long history of direct personal involvement in initiatives that support diversity and inclusion in the startup and venture capital space.

We offer need-based scholarships to founders of scaling companies who otherwise qualify for membership in the Blitzscaling Academy and also strive to include members of diverse or underrepresented communities. We would also be glad to offer a talk or workshop to your diverse community or organization.

Contact us if you personally, or a group you represent, would like to be considered for a scholarship or speaking engagement.

There's a lot of publicly available blitzscaling content. What's different here?

You're right about that, and we've even curated some of the best of that material so it's easily accessible from within the academy.

But what's different here is we actually work with you to unpack your business based on the blitzscaling framework to identify the highest impact opportunities for increasing your scaling. In many cases, you may not understand what's required to make progress in those areas, so we educate you about them and guide you through an iterative process to develop step by step improvements in each area.

And we coach you at every step of the way.  This isn't growth hacking, its strategy hacking, expert guidance and coaching that holds you accountable.

How Can I Qualify for Free Admission?

All you have to do is 1) Evaluate your company using our Blitzscalability Grader tool; 2) Submit an application along with your score; 3) We will review your application and "verify" your self-assessment to see if we agree with the score you gave your company. 4) If we do not agree with your score, we will email you and let you know why; 5) If we do agree, we will schedule an interview with you to learn more about you and your business before making our final admission decision.

If we are convinced of your high potential to scale and our ability to help you, we will offer you free admission because the world needs more companies to scale successfully and bring high impact solutions to market.

Why do you offer free admission to companies that score high?

At the "Blitzscaling Academy," we are particularly looking to identify and support companies that we believe have the potential to scale much faster, or even to Blitzscale, so when we find them we want to make it easy for them to get in and work with us.