Our focus of the upcoming events each month of the blitzscaling breakout is going to be how to apply the blitzscaling framework to venture investing specifically.

The two special guests today are Chris Yeh, the co-author of Blitzscaling with Reid Hoffman. Scott Johnson, the managing partner of Blitzscaling Ventures, a venture fund that is created to look for companies with the capability of blitzscaling.

This is our first episode and each month Scott and Chris will continue to join me as co-hosts of this event. And we'll be bringing on guests from around the world from different regions to talk about the companies that are scaling. To talk about what it takes to scale a company from the Baltic region or from South America or China, and apply the Blitzscaling Framework in a consistent way to look at both the common challenges and opportunities that they face.


  • What is it about blitzscaling that can cause a blitzscaling company to become so valuable?
  • Who was the audience of the book? Who was the intended audience of the book? When you sat down to write it, who were you writing it for?
  • Which parts of the book do you think are most important to investors?
  • Talk about an example or two where taking those examples, and looking at a company might have allowed you to either predict it's successful with scaling or it's inability to blitzscale, or it was not recommendable that company would scale.
  • Chris, could you please talk about snowflake?
  • You talk a lot about Airbnb and I think it's pretty well known that we do think that's a blitzscaler, so help us understand why.
  • What was Reid's first reaction when he heard about Airbnb?
  • We're looking at some interesting deals right now. Is there one that we're looking at now that you think we ought to highlight?
  • How do we score things based on the seven factors of Blitzscaling?
  • If you think about the blitzscalability of a law firm, it runs into severe problems.
  • Do you guys only invest in companies that are capable of Blitzscaling?
  • How are you able to apply these tools and where can we access these tools?

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