In this video Reid Hoffman shares another element that is important as it relates to Blitzscaling and that is that, as an investor, you have to convince the entrepreneurs to take your money.

As a technology investor looking for companies with massive potential to scale, you are looking for people who understand the dynamic of blitzscaling and the fact that the first to scale wins. When you find someone who can tell you the science behind their work to scale, and can explain that to you, then you have found the right person. You should know that very often much more than 80% of Blitzscaling involved theory because the tempo of blitzscaling is set by the competition.

For example, currently, we have all the regulatory issues around TikTok, and we are going to see more and more of the Chinese tech ecosystem spreading out into the rest of the world. So, that will contribute to setting the tempo. It is not set by just waking up one morning and deciding that the coffee tastes good, the wind is good and you just think “I am going to blitzscale." In these massive tech companies, the competition is always global.

Our Blitzscaling for Investors course, and Blitzscaling Investor Network group inside the GSA community help you understand how to identify a blitzscaler and improve your ability to access and add value to such deals. 

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