Scaling can happen anywhere, and the startup ecosystems of the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) punch above their weight when it comes to building scale-ups. Join us for this month's episode of Global Scaling All-Stars where we will be joined by Yrjö Ojassar, Investment Partner at Tallinn Estonia-based Change Ventures, who will analyze the factors that contribute to this outsize performance, and share personal insights and stories about the dynamics powering scaling in the Baltics.


01:31 Yrjö, please tell us a little bit about yourself and change ventures. How did you get into the VC business in talent?

06:25 Yrjö presents the unique ecosystems in the Baltics.

27:00 What is it about Silicon Valley that has allowed Silicon Valley to be the principal scale-up ecosystem in the world. 

41:22 We work with the blitzscaling framework to help identify what are those variables in a company that could be improved to increase its scalability and its potential, so Chris, in terms of application of the blitzscaling framework, or what commonalities do you see in some of these companies that suggest that they get already? 

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