After talking with Reid Hoffman, I am here to discuss with you what is the best mechanism for getting more worthy startups across the commercialization gap to fungibility and Blitzscaling. I will also add one other twist to that which is - To what extent can we make that more inclusive?

In our recent conversation, Reid offered: "The inclusive stuff is super important because as you can see that once a business gets too large and scales, it should just follow demographics and the fact that it isn't, is a very good proof that we actually have systemic issues that need to be worked on. If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

For example, while there are racism shifts going on and you sit there quietly, that is a problem. You should go and act on that because it isn't just enough to say I am not meeting with people of color entrepreneurs because I have a bias. The fact that there are not enough people of color entrepreneurs coming to you, you need to go work on and there are various ways to do that. You need to approach it with a kind of scale mindset.

A part of it is given the global competition and the speed of competition as part of where you get to. What is very important is that you think more and more about Blitzscaling as the direction and the attributes for business, the attributes of what causes capital markets, what the idea needs to be, how talent needs to operate and what the business model needs to be." 

Developing a strategy to make your business more inclusive is the right thing to do and makes sound business sense--so just go do it. 

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