In our community, people are often wondering if becoming an entrepreneur is the right thing to do. They usually see it as having a glamorous life and independence and this could be partly true but when you have already made the decision to become a founder I always suggest to think about a couple of important aspects.

What I usually give as a piece of advice is first to consider answering a few basic questions. They are basic but not simple. It is very important to think about what is a good idea and to keep in mind that a good idea in the start-up world is not always the one that everyone agrees with. You can talk with your friends and family and find out that your idea is smart but this is the tricky part. When everyone thinks that your idea is good that would probably mean that there are a lot more people trying to tackle the same idea. Remembering this will save you a lot of time and effort when you are deciding on what to start working.

You have to understand that it is not necessary for everyone to support your idea. It is even better if they don't, because this could mean that you are way more ahead then them. What is really important is to find the one idea which will make you stand out from the crowd, you will be right and the rest of the world - wrong. Figuring out a great idea is the first step on your road to success as an entrepreneur. When you discover it, you will be ahead of everyone else. 

It's common for startup founders to have these kinds of questions. That's one of the reasons why we created our community, a place where you will find the peer-to-peer and expert guidance needed to help you navigate through the challenges that come with being a startup founder.  You don't have to do it all alone. 

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