Global Scaling Academy ran its second edition of the Research to Startup Sprint program at the Qatar Science and Technology Park, in Doha, Qatar in October, 2019. This innovative program is designed to support the commercialization of high potential technologies developed in leading research laboratories--in this case the network of internationally renowned labs administered by the Qatar Foundation.

To run this fast-moving program, GSA leverages its extensive international network to recruit entrepreneurial talent with the right mix of academic, industry, functional area and startup experience that will allow them to quickly comprehend the available technologies.  

This year we selected 25 top candidates from more than 500 applicants representing over 40 countries and invited them to a one week intensive boot camp in Doha. Once the entrepreneurs arrive, they are immersed in fast-moving discovery sessions that catalyzes deep interaction and relationship-building with the scientists and researchers who have developed the technologies. Together, they explore innovative technically viable commercialization opportunities while working in fluid but structured environment with access to content workshops and mentorship throughout. 

Teams quickly form, comprised of program participants, the researchers and other remote team members. By the end of the week, they are capable of presenting well-articulated proposals for exploring the commercialization of the technology in question, and pitch for authorization to continue working towards licensing from QSTP. Teams that progress far enough become eligible for funding from the Qatar Technology Investment Fund.  

This intensive sprint program, loosely modeled after the Furnace Technology Transfer Accelerator I ran at Arizona State University, was developed and adapted to meet the specific needs of Qatar Science and Technology Park and the local Qatari ecosystem. We have run alternate versions with the United States Army, United States Navy, the United States Air Force and a number of leading universities in the United States and Latin America.  The program can be run virtually or in-person. 

Does your organization have promising technologies it's seeking to turn into new ventures?

Learn more about the Research To Startup Sprint.

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