When it comes to Blitzscaling, it's critical to pick your teammates wisely. Partners involve us to help them apply Blitzscaling to their businesses.

We've created a series of frameworks and tools to make it easier for anyone to evaluate the scalability of their business model and develop strategies to increase their scaling.

Our BlitzChat chatbot, Blitzscaling toolkit, Blitzscaling Executive Summary, and Regional Guides to Blitzscaling are available to everyone.

We primarily work with founders and teams in partnership with Blitzscaling Ventures, Llama Lounge, AiMeetup.ai, and select other partners and communities.

We also love to participate in accelerator programs, corporate leadership development, university executive education, and investor education with leading partners.

Reach out to learn how we can become part of your Blitzscaling team.

Meet The Community Leaders

Chris YehCo-founder and
Blitzscaling Co-author

A writer, investor, and entrepreneur, Chris has had a ringside seat in the world of startups and scaleups since 1995. He is the co-author, along with Reid Hoffman, of The Alliance, and Blitzscaling, the book that explains how to build world-changing companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Airbnb in record time.  Chris holds a MBA from Harvard Business School and is a Founding Partner of Blitzscaling Ventures.

Jeff AbbottCo-founder

Jeff is an entrepreneur, ecosystem builder and investor and has worked and lived internationally for much of his career. His vision is to make the scaling expertise of Silicon Valley accessible in support of the next generation of world-changing companies. He holds an MIM from Thunderbird School of Global Management and is a Founding Partner of Blitzscaling Ventures.

Shuang YuContent Development Manager

Shuang brings cross-cultural communication skills and a mindset of commitment and responsibility to the community.  She collaborates within the cross-functional team, and interfaces with partners and community members, to assess needs and convert them into compelling and actionable digital content that supports scaling entrepreneurs. Shuang holds a Master's Degree in Media and Communication Studies from Jinan University (Guangzhou, China).


Chris Yeh

Co-founder and
Blitzscaling Co-author

Jeff Abbott

Co-founder and CEO

Diego Sandoval


Zayn El Masry



Chris Herbert


“Chris and Reid have done a deep dive into the science of scaling, and incorporating that knowledge into our strategy has been an important part of our success to date."

Sameer Patel


“We would have brought Chris and Blitzscaling Ventures into our B round if they were investing then. I was craving a well-articulated framework to guide my team’s decision-making as we scale. There is nothing like this out there today."

Luther Lawoyin


“I thoroughly enjoyed learning from Jeffrey and the team, the learning was very practical and applicable. It helped analyse my company position and clearly helped to identify the next scaling steps to take."

Timi Koleolu


“I attended the Academy led by Chris and Jeff in Doha last year. I have to say most of the things I learnt and applied to my Startup led to the growth and stability we have experienced. Jeff and Chris’ deep insights into issues facing companies and their ability to dissect problems made the program very useful. It was definitely worthwhile!"

Alex Fielding


“My other VC investors might push back, but I will pry open our next round, or find some secondary shares to get Chris and his team involved here."

Saurabh Gupta


“BA helps founders and prevents them from making the conventional mistakes that 97% of founders make. Their sessions are so insightful that altogether founders like me experience a new perspective and bigger vision about their own venture. They are always up for a quick chat and offer founder-friendly advise. I am happy that I get to learn from the industry's best."

Corey Schwartz


“Jeff is a fantastic networker, consummate entrepreneur and all around great guy. He's the guy you want to go out drinking with and have with you working through difficult business problems. His instincts are dead on and he doesn't hesitate to make introductions to people that may help you in business or life. If you have the opportunity to connect with him on any level, do it."

John McEntire


“The Research to Startup Program we run with Blitzscaling Academy is such a unique thing. It's been really important that we have this type of mechanism and for a technology transfer office this is a dream come true because we have so much activity coming in that I don't know how we are going to hang on to all the licensing activity--and that's a really great problem to have."

Hedi Krönstrom


“I worked with Jeff at the European Innovation Academy where he was the head of 80+ mentors. There are a lot of moving parts to managing an accelerator on this scale, and Jeff did a great job, always keeping cool and organized. He is attentive to detail, creative and has a keen eye to the advanced mentoring of startup teams. These abilities coupled with his natural and warm communication skills makes Jeff a precious asset to any complex project."

Adam Olejniczak


“I participated in the accelerator. The program and mentorship made me grow as an entrepreneur. Jeff was one of the best mentors and connectors that I have ever worked with. He generously shared his time and knowledge -- it was never too early or too late in the day. Having someone so supportive when you are a founder is incredibly important. I could not recommend anyone more sincerely. I feel like a large part of my success is their work."

Mart Maasik


“It has been truly inspirational to collaborate with Jeff and Chris. Jeff's broad experience, knowledge across the industries, understanding the US and European business growth context has enabled us to define business models shifts and scaling opportunities. Jeff's mentoring and Chris's Blitzscaling advisory framework are highly practical and actionable - they help identify impactful strategical growth opportunities for corporate innovators and as well scale-ups."

Nga Nguyen


“In my program, the team worked with entrepreneurs from 17 countries. Through the curated group sessions and thought-provoking presentations the mentors ignited creative collaboration. The knowledge, network, and connections with investors, technologists, and researchers from different corners of the world provided a full-spectrum of invaluable entrepreneurial exchange to spur innovation."

José Rafael Campino


“The program was eye opening for us. Through online sessions, with amazing mentors, I was able to understand the concepts of scaling our business internationally. The main conclusions was that we needed to expand our market size; so we re-defined our vision and we adapted our product to it. Nowadays, Gauss Control has landed several big mining clients around Latin America and identified huge expansion potential around the world. Thanks Jeff & Chris!"