Applying Silicon Valley Management Practices in China

Chris Yeh presented to Chinese executives during their visit to Silicon Valley to show them how to apply the lessons of blitzscaling and the alliance to their companies.

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Blitzscaling Ventures Breakout | Episode 1 Applying the Blitzscaling Framework to Venture Capital

Our focus of the upcoming events each month of the blitzscaling breakout is going to be how to apply the blitzscaling framework to venture investing specifically.


Heroes of Corporate Innovation | Episode 1 Amazon’s Culture of Innovation with Rich Hua

Learn the secrets of Amazon's Culture of Innovation, and how to adapt them to your organization, with Rich Hua.

Member Spotlight | Episode 3 with Henrik Lauridsen

Introducing Henrik Lauridsen, the founder and CEO of Gerbus Academy.

Member Spotlight | Episode 1 with Truls Berg

We are excited to announce the launch of our member spotlight series. You will be seeing videos featuring our very own entrepreneurs, thought leaders, investors, and corporate innovators. Our first guest: Truls Berg, CEO of Open Innovation Lab Norway, and the chairman of Norwegian Business Angels.

GSA Launch Event | Bringing the Lessons of Blitzscaling and Silicon Valley to the Rest of the World

Global Scaling Community has launched with a grand opening, prizing its launch with an all-star panel representing the diverse global membership of the community.

GSA Pre-Launch Event | Blitzscaling to Outpace the Competition in Times of Uncertainty

Gain valuable insights on how blitzscaling can provide you with the competitive edge you need in these uncertain times.


Ways Corporations are Investing in Startups

Ways Corporations are Investing in Startups. It's important to remember a couple of key facts around how you do that.

Reid Hoffman Tells The Story of Blitzscaling Airbnb

Apply blitzscaling to venture investing by joining the GSA Community, and joining the Blitzscaling for Investors course and Blitzscaling Investor Network.

Working with Millennial Talent

Millennials want the same things older generations did--they just aren't afraid to ask. Give them explicit tours of duty and offer them regular feedback.

Find Co-Founders You Trust And Who Complement You

People believe that solo founders do less well than solo founders. But it is a lot better to be a solo founder than have a co-founder you don't trust.

What Corporations Should Think About When Acquiring Startups

Before you acquire a startup, think about the cultural differences and how your people will feel when the organizations come together.

How Corporate Investors Can Partner More Effectively With VCs

VCs are wary of working with corporate investors. Here are a list of the top things CVC investors should keep in mind when joining an investor syndicate.

Founders Need To Focus In Order To Scale

As a founder, you need to have a great team around you, but you should first focus on yourself and make sure you are tightly focused on your goal.

Founders Should Become Thought Leaders In Their Chosen Field

As a founder, it is very important to become recognized in your chosen field as a thought leader.

Find Entrepreneurs Who Understand The Science Of Their Scaling

As a tech investor, you need to find founders who understand the dynamic of their scaling and can explain it to you, and convince them to take your money.

Investing in Inclusivity

Diversity and inclusiveness should scale with your business. If they do not, then there's a problem and you aren't doing enough. Be part of the solution.

How To Partner With A Blitzscaling Startup

Corporations seeking to partner with a blitzscaling startup can do so by becoming their customer or distributor.

The Challenge of Dealing With Growth

A big challenge for a startup is growth. The founder needs to know how to prioritize the most important tasks, and "let other less important fires burn."

It's crucial for entrepreneurs to establish credibility with investors by knowing their competitors very well

Entrepreneurs seeking VC funding must demonstrate to investors that they understand their competition well in order to establish their credibility.

Follow A Staged Commitment Model To Improve Internal Innovation Outcomes

Corporations seeking to rapidly scale innovative new business models should follow the same staged commitment approach that VC funds apply.

Learn To Manage Relationships If You Want To Scale

Startup founders seeking to scale must effectively manage interpersonal relationships and conflicts. It's the cornerstone of organizational scalability.

How To Ask Other Investors For Deal Advice

The concept of network intelligence is very important for investors and entrepreneurs because they can have input from many smart people and implement it.

Are Your Procurement Processes Startup Friendly?

Corporations can start a partnership with a startup by becoming their customer. To do so without doing harm they need friendly procurement processes.

Find An Idea People Care About And That Can Scale

Besides running out of money, startups usually fail because of two main reasons. Creating something that people want and will buy is the way to succeed as a founder.

"Startup-friendly" HR Practices Key To Corporate Innovation

Corporations seeking to blitzscale internal ventures or partner with startups need "Startup Friendly" HR practices, with flexibility and aligned incentives

Blitzscaling Training at AWS

Chris Yeh was recently invited to Amazon Web Services shared thoughts about how corporate sales teams can use the Blitzscaling framework to evaluate customer resource allocation.

Why Blitzscaling Is All About Speed

The most important condition for Blitzscaling is speed, relative to your competition, when a valuable prize is at stake that causes you to prioritize speed.

It's Not Necessary That Everyone Love Your Idea

As a founder finding a great idea is very important for your future success. Focusing on an idea that has a market and solves a problem is always the right choice.

Success or Failure Depends on You

Deciding to become an entrepreneur has its pros and cons but if you want to master your time and success then being a founder is the right thing to do.

Can Large Organizations Blitzscale?

Large organizations can absolutely blitzscale. It is all about speed relative to competition when there is a large prize, and not the size of the company.

How Investors Can Find "Blitzscalable" Companies

One way investors can find blitzscalable companies is by understanding when it makes sense to prioritize speed over efficiency.

Does The Prize Justify Blitzscaling? Use Our Tools To Help Decide

There needs to be a large prize to justify blitzscaling. Use Global Scaling Academy's blitzscaling canvas to help decide if you have one.

Relationships Are Critical To Corporate-Startup Partnership Success

Successful corporate-startup partnerships depend on building relationships between the leaders of both. Working in a community helps relationships form.

Use Blitzscaling To Develop A Theory Of Scale For Your Investments

Learn how Reid Hoffman thinks about the "science of blitzscaling" and using the blitzscaling framework to develop a theory of scale about investments.

Founders Must Adapt To An Ever-Changing World

As a founder, it is very important to plan and to adapt this plan when it is necessary. Being flexible while having a plan is crucial for your success.

Founders Need a Plan A, B and Z

To be a successful entrepreneur it is important to have an ABZ plan which includes your current steps, the once you would do differently and your life in the future.

When Entrepreneurs Misapply The Lessons of Blitzscaling

Reid Hoffman on how investors can see when entrepreneurs are misapplying the lessons of blitzscaling vs blitzscaling because competitors forced their hand.

Blitzscaling in Large Organizations: Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh's conversation with McKinsey & Co Partners and Client Community

Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh joined McKinsey clients and partners in a special discussion on Blitzscaling: Business-building with speed and agility.


Applying Silicon Valley Management Practices in China

Chris Yeh presented to Chinese executives during their visit to Silicon Valley to show them how to apply the lessons of blitzscaling and the alliance to their companies.