Let’s talk a bit about how do you become a thought leader. In the startup world, this is something very important. By definition, you are probably trying to build something the world has never seen before. But remember that the world actually does not always like new things but you have to be able to tell your story still and convince the world that you are right and everyone else is wrong. And here comes in the thought leadership. There are different ways to be a thought leader but the most obvious one is to have great communication skills which will give you the opportunity to be able to give a great speech or write a great article. These skills are of great importance, do not forget that. But there is also another way to really do this which is to embody the change that you make. When you are a founder, the way to be a thought leader is when you are able to be that role model and that clear person who is demonstrating what it is like to actually change the world. Steve Jobs is very charismatic and is a great example. He is great on stage but what really made Steve Jobs so successful is his relentless focus on building great things. This relentless focus was what drove the people around him to "up their games". It was not just because Steve Jobs was giving great speeches when he was on stage. It's because they could recognize that he was someone who cared passionately about the quality of the products he produced, and he imbued everyone else with that passion. That's how you influence individuals as a thought leader. You take the things that you believe, in either through your communication, or through osmosis that comes from working closely with you, and you get them to believe it as well. One of the best ways to learn to become a thought leader is to watch others who have done so successfully, and observe and practice their methods. Another is to work closely with them so you get to observe them. You'll find numerous thought leaders within our community who can provide that example to you, and as a member they'll be available to you to consult with.

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